Morningstar Investor for Students*

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Take control of your financial future. Morningstar Investor's research and tools remove the guesswork from choosing investments, so you can make better decisions and see better outcomes down the road.
Students include full/part-time college students, post-secondary / trade-school students, all high-school students 16 and older, and high-school students accepted into a college (U.S. only). Your current-enrollment status will be verified during the subscription process and every two years thereafter.

Fiercely independent analysis

Our 150+ independent analysts filter out the noise of Wall Street’s hype machine to give you candid, actionable analysis that’s consistently applied across investment types and beholden only to investors.

Powerful ratings without the complexity

Remove the guesswork and make informed decisions faster. Our ratings cover the entire investing landscape––securities, managers, ESG, and more––all backed by our transparent, meticulous methodology.

Investments for every strategy

Screen for securities using our comprehensive performance and valuation metrics alongside our independent analysis and ratings. Or use one of our pre-filtered investment lists created by our analysts to find your next best investment.

Know your portfolio, inside and out

Keep your strategy resilient with a deep understanding of your investments. Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray® evaluates what you hold from every angle: asset allocation, sector weightings, fees and expenses, stock stats, and more. It also identifies any potential overlap within your portfolio that could impact how you’re diversified.

Tools that keep you connected

All your accounts, one view

Seamless account aggregation lets you connect all your accounts for a holistic, continuous view of your assets.

Insights tailored to your portfolio

Morningstar Investor brings rich––and personalized––context to your investment decisions with analysis, commentary, and news that’s specific to your holdings, watchlists, and preferences.

Watchlists for what’s next

Keep track of investment ideas with watchlists you can add to from almost anywhere in Investor.

Investors trust us because we put investors first.

We’ve spent more than three decades helping investors like you validate decisions with research and tools that bring clarity without complications. Because the best strategy is the one you can actually act on.

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