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Morningstar Fair Value Estimate

Our Fair Value Estimate helps you understand the worth of a stock over time. It uses a per-share-price estimate and is based on our thorough analysis of a company’s current operations, business risks and opportunities, and outlook to determine if something is overvalued or undervalued.

Morningstar Rating™ for stocks

The Morningstar Rating™ for stocks—also called the star rating—is your signal for when a stock is trading at a discount or when it may be time to sell. It considers a stock’s current price, Morningstar’s estimate of its fair value, and the uncertainty rating of that fair value. The bigger the discount, the higher the star rating.

Morningstar® Economic Moat™ Rating

Our moat rating represents a company's ability to fend off competition and earn high returns. We look at a company’s network effect, intangible assets, cost advantage, switching costs, and efficient scale when determining the size of its moat, which can be wide, narrow, or none.

More ways Morningstar Investor helps you invest with confidence

Develop a deeper understanding of your portfolio

Investor’s portfolio management tools help you understand your investments from every angle, so you know when to make changes to keep your strategy strong. Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray™ evaluates your risk at both the portfolio and fund level with clear views of your asset allocation, fees, sector weightings, stock styles, while Morningstar® Stock Intersection™ instantly identifies when assets overlap.

Find investments for every strategy

Use one of our pre-filtered stock lists created by our analysts to find your next best investment. Or find and compare securities using comprehensive performance and valuation metrics alongside our trusted investment ratings.

Stay objective with fiercely independent analysis

Morningstar’s independent analysts filter out distractions from Wall Street’s hype machine to give you continuous stock analysis that’s based on proven methodology and beholden only to investors. You’ll get unlimited access to all our takes on thousands of stocks with one-page reports, company commentary, news, and more.

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Morningstar has spent more than three decades helping everyday investors like you make better decisions by democratizing investment information. Our analysts are truly independent from other Morningstar businesses and examine the fundamentals of every investment they cover to get an idea of its long-term potential and the role it can play in a portfolio. This helps us find undervalued securities investors can hold and benefit from for years.